function f1(){ if (wfrm.wgname.value=='نام شما'){ wfrm.wgname.value='' } } Greetings (Peace be upon you)
  function f2(){ if (wfrm.wgemail.value=='ايميل شما'){ wfrm.wgemail.value='' } } Good morning
  Good day
  Good evening
  Good night
  Good-bye(the one departing)...
    (The one remaining)
  See you soon
  See you later
  Thank you (male)
  Thank you (female)
  Your welcome
  Excuse me- male to a male and a female to a male
  Excuse me- male to female and female to female
  Excuse me- one person to a group of people
  Sorry- a male says
  Sorry- a female says
  Good luck
  God willing
  Welcome (the host says)

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